Beyond Beaches: Hidden Gems and Must-Do Experiences on Palm Jumeirah.

 Palm Jumeirah: The Heavenly mixed with art in the Heart of the Desert - Dubai

Dubai, the emonsystem1 (dot1indication of the system), the capital of United Arab Emirates (capital of the United Arab Emirates), is famous for its luxury, grandeur, and the architectural projects that overcome the boundaries of the human mind. Although Palm Jumeirah is among the fantastical, it carries undeniable proof of the extraordinary talent and imagination of people. Taking the form of a palm tree projected into the shining waters of the Gulf of Arabia; this is an artificial island making a name for itself as a symbol of luxury, tourism and technical ingenuity. With a five Sq. Km area, Palm Jumeirah is not only an island, but it's a destination itself, providing an option of a flourishing lifestyle, scenic views and wonderful experiences that can be last for long time.

Genesis of a Dream

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